Naked Fish Collector’s Edition Snap ‘N’ Fill

4ml $1.99

You’ve never vaped like this before!

The Naked Fish Collector’s Edition Snap ‘N’ Fill is the perfect blend of convenience and flavor for today’s modern vaper. Endlessly delicious flavors make Naked Fish the leading brand that you keeps you coming back for more.

Straight from the lab, we took our original Naked Fish flavors and made them even better.

Barracuda Collector'sBarracuda Collector'sBlue Marlin Collector’sBlue Marlin Collector’sGreat White Collector’sGreat White Collector’sPiranha Collector’sPiranha Collector’sSting Ray Collector'sSting Ray Collector'sWahoo Collector'sWahoo Collector's
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Pocket Friendly

Take Naked Fish Collector’s Edition with you on-the-go in our 4ml Snap ’N’ FillTM.


Bursting With Flavor

Lose yourself in our carefully cultivated flavor blends


Fill sub ohm tanks and rebuildables with ease

Snap ’N’ FillTM works with most tanks and rebuildable devices.


Easy to Use

Simply aim and fill. Disposable design makes clean up a breeze.

Wherever You Go

E-liquids as flexible as your lifestyle.